Beech Street First Baptist Church is a Family of Faith with a positive past and a fantastic future.  Since early this century, this grand church has been known for its dedication to God's standard, its commitment to the Great Commission, and its willingness to follow whatever vision God has revealed.
On March 30, 1904, instructions were given to the Trustees of the Olive Street Street Baptist Church to sell all of its property, formed in 1889, for the benefit of a new church to be organized in Texarkana, Arkansas, under the auspices of the Executive Board of the Arkansas Baptist Convention and transfer the proceeds to the new church.
On April 10, 1904, a meeting was held at the Miller County Courthouse for the purpose of organizing a Baptist church in Texarkana, Arkansas.  A call for letters was given, and 47 persons from The First Baptist Church, Texarkana, Texas, as well as 32 others from various churches and 4 promise of letter, responded for the purpose of organizing a Baptist church on the Arkansas side of Texarkana.  The name of Beech Street Baptist Church was then voted on adopted.  The frame building, formerly occupied by the Olive Street Baptist Church and built in 1893, was moved from 8th and Olive Streets, Texarkana, Texas, to 6th and Beech Street, Texarkana, Arkansas, in April 1904, where the church currently resides today.